The Richey Suite

Richey Suite Bedroom. Two lamps next to the bed, ample natural light coming in through the window. Desk and chair.

The Richey Suite Part A

Richey Suite Bedroom with desk and chair, and tapestry hanging on the wall.

The Richey Suite Part B

Sitting area with chair and lamp in the corner of the room.

The Richey Suite Part A

Richey Suite bathroom. Toilet and bathtub.

The Richey Suite Bathroom

Welcome tray with ice box, two blue bottles, two glasses, and tissue box.

The Richey Suite Part A

The Richey Suite Check Availability Check Availability

Single Room Weekday Price: $185

Single Room Weekend Price: $215

Double Room Price: $292

Single Room Accommodation: 2 people

Double Room Accommodation: 4 people

Named after the second owners of the Ledgestone Mansion, The Richeys. This suite has two large bedrooms. Each bedroom has a Queen bed with a sitting area, a writing desk and a large flat screen smart TV. Both rooms enjoy the great views of the river. The two bedrooms are connected through a bathroom. If one room is rented, you get your choice of one of the bedrooms and the bathroom, and the other bedroom will be locked and cannot be rented by someone else. If you rent both bedrooms, you have access to the full Richey Suite. Each bedroom can accommodate up to two people.